Netting - Woven Anti-bird

CyLbird is a net designed to protect crops and fruit trees against the action of birds.

Even the slightest peck mark on the fruit is a very serious threat to your crop because it can be a starting point for rot and at all events destroys its commercial value. Our netting respects the birds themselves as to stops them without causing injury.

  • Cover for plantations and orchard.
  • The ideal protective system thanks to the high-strength netting that is also light, easy to install and adaptable to a wide variety of crop types.
  • Avoids any damages to crops caused by birds, such as pecking and rotting of fruit
  • The anti-UV, bacteria, mould and chemical-resistant additives prolong its useful life.
  • Tailor made dimensions for easy installation.
  • Medidas: Ancho: Hasta 8 m // Largo: 500 ml
  • Colour: Crystal.

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CyLbird Netting - Woven Anti-bird
Warranty: 3 years

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