CyLcover 105/130 grs.
Poner Ground cover / Anti-weed

This net, made from a woven polypropylene tape, is ideal for seed beds, greenhouses and nurseries. The non woven fabric prevents the growth of weeds between rows by impeding the passage of sunlight while allowing water to filter through, thus preventing the formation of puddles. It breathes and helps to provide the plant’s roots with oxygen and nutrients. It is extremely tough and long-lasting and will continue to perform its function properly even if trodden on by workers and agricultural machinery.

This mesh is also used to cover reservoirs. On the one hand, it prevents water from evaporating and keeps it clean. On the other hand, it filters rainwater falling into the reservoir completely clean.

BLACK: Provides good permeability and gas transmission. GREEEN: Provides the meadow of lawn effect to prevent unwanted visual effects in the countryside.
WHITE: Enables maximum reflection of light to boost plant vigour and ensure greater natural illumination in the greenhouse. WHITE-BLACK: Reflect light off the white side. The black side will be in contact with the soil to prevent the passage of sunlight.
  • Ground cover adaptable to the plantation lines.
  • Application to crops in the exterior such as nurseries and greenhouses.
  • Reservoir cover: prevents growth of algae in tanks and ponds.
  • Prevents growth of weeds between rows.
  • Allows water to drain.
  • Keeps humidity in the soil for longer periods.
  • Индивидуальные размеры для легкой установки.
  • Option of including holes that t the plantation framing.
  • Tailor made dimensions for easy installation. 
  • Weight(gr): 105/130
  • Width(m): 1’05 – 2’10 – 3’30 – 4’20 – 5’25
  • Colours: Black / Green / White.

Detailed image of
CyLcover 105 gr y 130 gr
Warranty: 3 years

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