CyLnet 6*9
Windbreak / Mosquito net

Anti-insect nets are designed to protect plantations therefore prevent large size insects from entering the greenhouses and the areas of crops. Such insects can be harmful for plants as they could carry viruses and other diseases, as a result the commercial value of fruits is diminished. At the same time , windbreak nets help to control air on the crop, avoiding any parachute effects and preventing any damage to structures and plants. CyLnet 6*9 provides greater protection than the CyLnet 6*6 against large insects and strong winds.

  • Shade House-type cover for greenhouses.
  • Windbreak hedges.
  • Prevents entry of large insects.
  • Significantly reduces wind speed.
  • Can be used as a sunshade depending on the color of the threads, preventing the effects of heat stress.
  • Индивидуальные размеры для легкой установки.
  • Tailor made dimensions for easy installation.
  • Width(m): 1 – 1’5 – 2 – 2’5 – 3 – 3’5 – 4 – 4’5 – 5
  • Colours: Crystal / Black.

Detailed image of
CyLnet 6*9 Windbreak / Mosquito net
Warranty: 5 years

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