CyLnet Antitrips
White Fly 10x22 (55 mesh)

Since they cause severe damage to the fruit and the health of the plant, thrips and aphids are among the worst enemies of farmers and their plantations.

Our CYLNET meshes are effective against this type of insects that reduce the commercial performance of the crop. The variety of pore size in the available textiles enables you to select the most appropriate mesh for your crop, taking the ventilation, humidity and temperature needs and the pests that may affect the plantation into account.


  • Shade house-type cover for greenhouse
  • Installation on greenhouse zenith and/or lateral windows.
  • Utilised to protect seedbeds where we want to avoid entering any thrips, aphids and other insects.
  • The 10x22 mesh (55 mesh) provides highly effective protection against insect like thrips.
  • It provides highly effective against Bemisia tabaci (whitefly), which it achieves over 97% effectiveness.
  • Width: 1-1,5-2-2,5-3-3,5-4-4,5-5 mtrs
  • Customised dimensions for easy installation.
  • Option of installing grommets, polyester thread, etc.
  • Colour: Crystal

Detailed image of the mesh
ANTI TRIPS CYLNET – 10×22  - (55 mesh)
Guarantee: 5 years

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