CyLnet Plast
Plastic - Coated 1 or 2 Sides

Plastic-coated netting is doubly useful because it can be applied in the greenhouse for the lateral strips or in the open field to cover fruit trees with a strong, thin structure.

This net is very useful for controlling wind inside the greenhouse by using it on the lateral strips. It is tough and durable, with better mechanical properties than simple plastic. It also provides great diusion of light, thus preventing the plants it protects from sun burns.

  • Designed to protect the sides of the greenhouse and its zenith.
  • Coverage for shade house type greenhouse.
  • Prevents the entry of insects.
  • Used on the lateral strips, it controls the wind in the greenhouse.
  • 10 times as strong and lighter than a plastic mesh.
  • Prevents sun burns on plants.
  • Achieves more homogeneous fruit colouring.
  • Prevents sun burns on plants.
  • Totally impermeable.
  • 1/2 sides plastic-coated.
  • Far more tear-resistant than plastic.
  • Option of installing grommets, polyester thread, etc.
  • Widht(m): 1 – 1’2 – 1’5 – 2 – 2’3 – 2’5 – 3 – 3’5 – 4 – 4’5 – 5
  • Otros anchos ( plastificada 2 caras): 8,5 – 10,5 – 12,3
  • Colours: Translucent.

Detailed image of
CyLnet Plastic - Coated 1 or 2 Sides
Warranty: 3 years

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