Sun Shade 50-65-80%

Excessive solar radiation can cause burning of plants and fruit. Our meshes are designed to offer suitable shade for each type of crop and area in which it is grown. So, the farmer can get the maximum performance and no loss of production. These meshes can also be used to cover reservoirs, parking lots, parks and public areas. The shading or masking meshes are manufactured with monofilament threads and raffia.

These meshes avoid solar and water stress in plants therefore there is a significant improvement in their vegetative growth and acquisition of greater vigour in the leaves and fruit, as a result increase in production.

  • Protection against excessive solar radiation and high temperature.
  • Shade House-type cover for greenhouses.
  • Can be used as a thermal screen.
  • Can be used as a windbreak screen or crop concealment at the edges of the plantation.
  • Controls the amount of sunlight that reaches the crop and therefore stabilises the temperature inside the greenhouse during the hours of intense solar radiation.
  • Reduces water consumption since it lowers the temperature that affects the plant.
  • Regulates the entry of air into the greenhouse.
  • Prevents sudden day/night temperature changes.
  • Customised dimensions for easy installation.
  • Diversity of shade types
  • Option of installing grommets, polyester thread, etc.
  • Measurements: 1 – 1’5 – 2 . 2’5 – 3 – 3’5 -4 – 4’5 – 5 m
  • Colours: Silver / Green / Black

Detailed image of the mesh
CYLSHADE - Sun Shade 50-65-80%
Guarantee: 4 years

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