Non Woven crop cover

The crop cover is a solar radiation resistant fabric, designed to prevent frost, morning dew and the intrusion of small insects that can transmit viruses such as New Dheli.

The porosity of the material allows air and water to pass through, ensuring proper crop ventilation.

Non Woven crop cover
Non Woven crop cover
  • Non woven provides the crops protection against frost and viruses (New Delhi).
  • Can be used in the open fields and in the greenhouses.
  • Is installed spread over the crops as a oating cover, or supported by small arches.
  • It is used for double roof in greenhouses.
  • We also have a tube-shape blanket to protect fruit trees recently transplanted such as avocado, lemon or orange.
  • Protect against ultraviolet rays allowing the passing of solar light.
  • Protect against frost hence increasing the crop temperature.
  • Protection against rain and hail on fruit trees.
  • Anti-insect barrier, which allows the avoidance or reduction of herbicide and pesticide use.
  • Increases the crop advancement therefore improve its performance.
  • Standard resistance to UV radiation.
  • Possibility of being tailored made to specific sizes according to customer’s needs. Certain sizes are available with special lateral reinforcement.
  • Regular widths(m): 1-1,2-1,5-2,5-3,2-4,5-6,4-12,8(R) (consult for other widths).
  • Widths available for Tube Blanket : 0,3-0,4-0,5-0,8-1-1,5-2
  • Colours: White.

Details of Nonwoven Crop Cover

Available weights:
17, 19, 21, 23, 30, 60 gr.

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