Trellis Net

CyLtutor is a trellis net designed to help grow straight.

This trellis net encourages the growth and ventilation of the plant by fostering excellent training to obtain higher productivity per square metre. It is especially suitable for vertical horticultural crops such as beans, peas, peppers and raspberries.

  • Horticultural training.
  • Rectification of stems during growth.
  • Straight stems, free of deformations.
  • Better plant ventilation.
  • Easy harvesting.
  • Better access for treatment products.
  • Greater productivity per square metre.
  • Smaller workforce required.
  • Fast, easy installation.
  • Can be manufactured in various colours.
  • Tailor made dimensions for easy installation.
  • Large: 500 ml.
  • Colours: Green / Black.

Detailed image of
CyLtutor Trellis Net
Warranty: Green (1 year)
Black (3 years)

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