Presentation of the UALtransfierE 2023 Plan -Transfer of Knowledge from the UAL to Society

Grupo Criado y López has been present today at the presentation of the UALtransfierE 2023 Plan, we continue our commitment to R&D and scientific dissemination in our society.

It was a momentous event held on Friday 16 June and the presentation of the UALtransfierE 2023 Plan took place. This initiative has as its main objective the transfer of the valuable knowledge generated at the University of Almeria (UAL) to society. With a clear vision of promoting innovation and development, UALtransfierE stands as a fundamental pillar in the creation of opportunities for the exchange of innovative knowledge.

The UALtransfierE Plan is articulated around two research transfer programmes aimed at strategic economic and social sectors. These programmes focus on fostering collaboration between academia and the business sector, promoting the practical application of scientific and technological advances generated at the UAL. Thus, the aim is to boost the economic and social development of the region, promoting job creation, competitiveness and improving the quality of life of the community.

During the presentation day, the new features and improvements of this year's call were highlighted. Attendees were able to learn in detail about the requirements and opportunities offered by UALtransfierE 2023. In addition, two success stories of companies that had participated in previous calls were presented, demonstrating the positive impact that knowledge transfer can have on the business environment.

These success stories exemplify how collaboration between the UAL and the business sector can drive innovation, generate new solutions and strengthen the competitiveness of companies. Knowledge transfer not only boosts economic growth, but also contributes to the improvement of society as a whole by promoting sustainable development, job creation and improving people's quality of life.





The presentation of the UALtransfierE 2023 Plan was a significant milestone in the UAL's commitment to knowledge transfer and collaboration with the business environment. This initiative strengthens the links between the university and society, generating synergies that drive progress and advancement in various fields. Thanks to programmes such as UALtransfierE, the UAL continues to be a pioneering institution in the promotion of innovation and development.

It has marked the beginning of a new stage in the transfer of knowledge from the UAL to society. With its focus on strategic economic and social sectors, this initiative promises to enhance collaboration between academia and the business sector, generating tangible benefits for the community. Knowledge transfer proves to be a key driver for development and growth, driving innovation and improving the quality of life for all.