» We recommend that you do not expose the installed net to pesticides during a chemical intervention. CEPLA guidelines of 2,000 ppm maximum sulphur and 150ppm Chlorine may be used as a reference.

» It is convenient not to make cuts or perforations to the net and not to place it on sharp ends that can damage the material. It is necessary to avoid friction of the material against elements such as cords, wires, etc.

» We recommend you use fastening systems such as omega profiles that do not damage the nets. If the net is to be used different from its normal use, consult the manufacturer (zenith windows, casement windows, corrosive environments, etc.).

» In order to prevent material contractions, do not place the nets in places where extreme temperatures are reached during certain hours and spans of periods (greater than 40 degrees Celsius and less than 15 degrees Celsius)

» It is necessary to take into account the shrinkage that the fabric may suffer over a period of time, so it is recommended that the stress is not excessive at the time of installation. The net must be placed with sufficient stress to avoid breakage caused by the movement of the material.

» Exposure to the atmospheric elements, solar radiation and high temperatures may accelerate the degradation process of the material. It is preferable to keep the net in a storeroom or in a place with shade until its placement. The land where it is stored until it is placed must be even to avoid deformation in the net.

» Avoid contact with treated wood, rusty or galvanised surfaces.

» When removing the net use collection points for its later recycling.

» A net is considered to be damaged when its mechanical properties are lower than 50% of its initial properties.

» In case of premature degradation of the material and, as long as it meets all the requirements set out above, we will proceed with replacing the proportional part in material that lacks until 100% guarantee is complied with. The company may not be held responsible for any mishandling by the workforce replacing it or any other possible damages caused.