When installing the non woven a series of requirements must be considered, such as the conditions of the terrain and the weather. The ground must be even and smooth, and we recommend removing any weeds from the ground which will be covered with the thermal blanket. Regarding the favourable atmospheric conditions, the non woven must be installed when there is neither rain nor wind.

» The non woven can be installed mechanically or manually, provided it is carried out in the direction of the wind, and neither too tight nor too loose so as to allow plants to grow.

» In order to prevent the non woven from being hoisted by the wind once installed, it is necessary to cover the perimeter with earth, or fasten it with nails or pegs so that on windy days the blanket remains in place and the wind does not lift it.

» It is convenient not to make cuts or perforations to the net and not to place it on sharp ends that can damage the material. It is necessary to avoid friction of the material against elements such as cords, wires, etc.

» Exposure to the atmospheric elements, solar radiation and high temperatures may accelerate the degradation process of the material. It is preferable to keep the non woven in a storeroom or in a place with shade until its placement. The land where it is stored until it is placed must be even to avoid deformation in the now woven blanket.

» When the non woven is removed, it must be disposed at the collection points for its later recycling.

» A non wonven is considered to be degraded when its mechanical properties are less than 50% of its initial properties.