The seller guarantees the quality of its products; therefore, all claims must be duly communicated in writing to the Quality Control department. Such communication must be accompanied by a copy of the delivery note or purchase invoice and identification label of the defective material and photographic evidence if possible. In turn, the customer must allow Criado y López staff or its distributor to examine and verify the products that form the basis of the claim.

» Criado y López will not accept returns if the product has been made in accordance with the customer's specifications or customised by the customer, considering that the specific product or measurement is the one whose measurements are not in our standard product range.

» In the event of defective material that is discovered upon arrival at the worksite, the responsibility of Criado y López will be to replace the material as quickly as possible under the same conditions of sale. Criado y López will not be responsible for the transport if the sale is ex-works, or, in any case, the transport will include only up to the first point of delivery. Criado y López will not assume the labour costs of the installation attached to defective material as it is the responsibility of the installer; nor any labour costs for replacement if the claim is filed afterwards. Likewise, Criado y López will not be responsible for any damages produced to the crop.

» When it comes to correctly handling claims for defective or non-compliant products by the customer, it is important to note that these are thermoplastic materials and can react with high temperatures. Due to this fact, it is very difficult to guarantee the exact measurements with a low percentage of tolerance, and in the case of claims for differences in width, those in which the requested and delivered measurements exceed 5% will be considered appropriate.

» We would like to highlight that at temperatures above 40-45ºC retractions can occur in the nets, especially in those of black colour, being a retraction of the material up to 10% acceptable. If this percentage is exceeded due to retraction, the fabric will be replaced.

» In the specific case of the non-woven crop protection, the guarantee sustained by the product is for bonding, which cannot have a lower resistance than the fabric itself, but there is no guarantee for durability in any of the different weights in grams.

»The seller will not be held responsible for any damages that could derive from the wear and tear of the product; however the seller is only obliged to replace the quantity of product that is shown to be defective.

» For claims on defective merchandise, the provisions of articles 336 and 342 of the Code of Commerce will be applicable.